City of the Lost

The city was abandoned thousands years ago and fell into oblivion. It was hidden from mortal eyes in the ancient forest between the highest mountains of the rising sun. Watchtowers of the city are gazing into a vast sky of Tartary. And flows from all over the world are converging at its giant gates.

Oh, chosen! Follow the flow through the chain of omens. And watch the road... road to the city of the lost!




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Echo of the Battle of the North still sounds. But Creators have already taken up a new project. Work on the third chapter has begun.


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Dear friends! We're on the last stage of recording process! Drums, bass and part of guitars are already recorded! So City of the Lost one step closer to our next full-length album!


Midsummer is always associated with the height of the holiday, stuffiness and coming watermelon season! And for the City of the Lost it is also an occasion to say Happy Birthday to Gregory Kolokutin - our guitarist, a young scientist and founder of the band! Let's wish him good luck, new finest albums and more heat and drive!


Our track "Dreamcatcher" from EP "Birds of Tartary" issued on german label Pop Rock Camp within last compilation: Alternative Campus vol.2


Hi everybody! Progressive post-metal band City of the Lost available on iTunes!
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We've started to record our next full-length album!
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Hi everybody! Progressive post-metal band City of the Lost available on iTunes!
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Dear listeners! Let us congratulate all of you with International Day of Human Space Flight! Clear sky and eternal light of stars:


Hello, guys! 20th of April 2014. Moscow. Club "Volta". Great atmospheric post-metal show "Abstract festival"! Don't miss live gig with City of the Lost!
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That was amazing gig in Zhukovsky city! Thanks to all, who have visited this great event, which will long remain in memories of fans of progressive instrumental music.
Find here some pics from the concert.

We'll come back soon!


Welcome to our next live "Post-rock Invasion" show of progressive instrumental music which will take place in Zhukovsky city!
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Look our video from last gig in Moscow:
City of the Lost - "Spacewalk" from "Life long Novel" EP.


Happy New Year!
We wish you more great sounds, unforgettable shows and great mood for the whole year! Keep on rockin'!
Your City of the Lost.


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We receive a lot of questions what equipment we're using to make our sound. We decided to show a couple photos of our gear. Find it here


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We started to work on a second full-length album. Stay tuned!


Enjoy and download our music at We released two EPs: "Life long Novel" and "Birds of Tartary", and one full-length album "At the Edge".


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CHAPTER III - Darkest Hour

CHAPTER II - Wild Wind Blows

CHAPTER I - At the Edge


It took only a few decades after the Second Great War, when humanity came again to the edge of destruction. And this time, people uncovered the horrible evil. It released in the form of thousands nuclear suns, that wiped out the civilization on planet Earth.

But the end of the world was just the beginning of a long road of the chosen one through the endless wasteland and ruins of cities, inhabited by disgusting mythical creatures.